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Share Blueboard to your friends or colleagues, and earn rewards of your very own!

Spread the word on experiential rewards, earn an experiential reward... as simple as that

Help us spread the Blueboard love. If you know a company that can benefit from working with us, fill out the form below and we'll take things from there. Once we have a meeting with your contact, you'll start earning rewards!

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Your opportunity to earn a once-in-a-lifetime experience

The more contacts you share, the greater your experience value


Refer 1-3 qualified contacts (where a business opportunity exists) and you'll receive a Blueboard Ivory Award. Choose from pottery lessons, a personal massage, sunset wine cruises, and much more. View Ivory Award experiences
pottery lessonspersonal massage
Refer 4-6 qualified contacts and you'll receive a Blueboard White Gold Award. Choose from fitness classes, singing lessons, wine and cheese pairing 101, and much more. View White Gold experiences
fitness classessinging lessonscheese and wine pairing
Refer 7-9 qualified contacts and you'll receive a Blueboard Indigo Award. Choose from tandem skydiving, glassblowing classes, kiteboarding lessons, and much more. View Indigo experiences
tandem skydivingglassblowingKiteboarding
Refer 10+ qualified contacts and you'll receive a Blueboard Tiburon Award. Choose from photography courses (with your own DSLR camera), Michelin dining, Audi autocross racing, and more. View Tiburon rewards
Photography coursesMichelin DiningAudi autocross racing

Ways you can earn Blueboard rewards

Share Blueboard to Your Company

Looking to earn Blueboard rewards from your company or manager? Introduce Blueboard to your HR Director, Benefits Manager or other employee recognition lead, and you’ll receive a Blueboard Reward after we meet.

Spread the Word with Friends at Other Companies

Have a friend or colleague interested in offering their employees experiential rewards? Introduce Blueboard to your qualified contact and you’ll receive a Blueboard Reward after our first meeting. If your contact is able to make an introduction to their HR or employee recognition lead, then you both go on an adventure together.

Happy employees create successful companies

As an HR leader, you have a unique opportunity to cultivate passion in the workplace by fostering an environment that enables work-life integration, not only for your company but for the industry as a whole. After every completed experience, employees are invited to take a Post-experience Engagement Survey, and we're excited to share that Blueboard rewards are a great tool for building a more positive company culture, greater motivation rates, and increased retention. Check out our complete recognition impact report.

Supporting work-life integration allows employees to take that much-needed time to discover and engage with the activities or adventures that bring them happiness. As employees find fulfillment and renewed connections through life experiences, they are better positioned to bring their whole selves to work.

So if you know a friend who'd love Blueboard, help us to make a connection via the form above.
Ready to learn more about Blueboard rewards? Schedule a quick demo:
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How companies appreciate top employees with Blueboard rewards

No matter the occasion, Blueboard offers experiential rewards for every recognition moment

Anniversary Awards

Rewarding employee tenure on their anniversary dates, typically beginning at the 1-year mark and growing in reward value as they hit ongoing milestones. Forget the branded watches or golden plaques, experiences are proven to grow employee retention (97% of rewarded employees agree*).

*Source: Blueboard Internal Post-Experience Feedback Surveys, updated June 2016

Sales Contests & SPIFFs

Reward top sales reps or teams who exceed their quota expectations. 92% of employees reported increased motivation to perform after going on their Blueboard experiences, how’s that for keeping your sales team energized?*

*Source: Blueboard Internal Post-Experience Feedback Surveys, Updated June 2016

Spot Bonuses

Reward employees who exceed individual or team goals, KPIs, or other role-related milestone achievements. Blueboard experiences are inherently shareable, building excitement and appreciation as more employees across the company get rewarded.

Peer-Nominated Rewards

Enable peers to recognize each other after watching their colleagues go above and beyond or for demonstrating core company values.  Many Blueboard reward experiences include a +1, providing more opportunities for employees to share the love.

Employee Referral Incentives

Employee referrals make for the best hires, they’re faster, less expensive, and are quicker to ramp up into their roles**. Incentivize your FTEs with meaningful rewards to boost your referral numbers and quality of hires.

**Source:, 2015

Customer Appreciation

Similar to those from your employees, nothing beats a warm customer referral to help you grow your business.  Experiential rewards let you appreciate your trusted customers in a genuine, personalized way.

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