Blueboard Buyer’s Guide Volume 1

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Create an effective and meaningful employee recognition program.

As an HR leader, engagement is (or should be!) your top priority.  Companies with engaged employees score higher, not just in happiness, but in nearly every tangible business metric (shareholder return, annual revenues, and even customer NPS scores).  And the reverse? Companies with low employee engagement end up costing the US economy a whopping $550B annually, due to unengaged employees abusing paid sick days, distracting their coworkers, or even straight-up stealing your office supplies!

Best practices for effective employee engagement.

In this guide, learn why effective employee engagement is important to your business outcomes You’ll understand the difference between recognition, rewards and company perks, and read through what elements make a recognition program truly effective and meaningful.

Finally, you’ll learn how experiential recognition goes beyond the status quo by being more personal, memorable and shareable than other recognition methods, creating a lasting effect on employee engagement.

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