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How unique Sales Incentives motivate a remote workforce.

When motivating and recognizing remote employees, it can be difficult to create buzz and excitement. All other sales incentives, Chloe + Isabel found, were not personal, memorable, or most importantly shareable. Blueboard provided a unique incentive program that employees were able to share on social media, creating buzz and healthy competition among a digitally connected workforce.

As a result, Chloe + Isabel found that not only did the sales incentive program increase the motivation of Merchandisers, but it also generated an exciting avenue of social media interest in the brand that it would not typically receive.

Best practices for impactful sales incentives.

In this Partner Success Story, learn how Chloe + Isabel increased the motivation and excitement of Merchandisers through experiential sales incentives. Learn how to effectively recognize a remote workforce, and create a positive company culture for employees regardless of location.

“Blueboard was extremely helpful throughout the entire process ensuring that the messaging was clear. The landing page was huge - it served as a point of clarification and a touchpoint for Merchandisers to explore what example experiences might be, and helped them latch on as a motivating factor to hit their goals.”
Caroline C.
Former Promotions + Incentives Marketing Manager
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