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How Avēsis centers recognition throughout the employee lifecycle with Blueboard rewards.

How Avēsis centers recognition throughout the employee lifecycle with Blueboard rewards.

Employee recognition has always been a priority at Avēsis—but prior to partnering with Blueboard, appreciating employees was mostly ad hoc, with each team manager designing and implementing their own versions of an employee recognition program. 

The People team knew there was an opportunity to increase the overall impact with more streamlined, consistent appreciation they could rollout across the company. And, since recognizing the whole employee is a core part of their company culture, the team wanted to give employees experience rewards they could choose, to enjoy in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

To achieve immediate impact and give something to employees they’d remember and positively associate with their time at Avēsis, the company now recognizes employees with Blueboard rewards through three main programs: work anniversary, wellbeing, and individual employee impact rewards. 

Thanks to the wide variety of options in Avēsis’ personalized, curated experience menus—from learning a new language to taking a dance class to local foodie tours—there’s truly something for everyone.

“Blueboard has helped us shape how we say thank you to people,” says Alexander, who’s been coined ‘the great appreciator’. “Before, we were not having consistent conversations about appreciation. Developing our recognition program with Blueboard built a culture of ‘thank you’ here.”
Alexander McKneely
Associate Experience and HR Communications
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