How to Build Employer Brand

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How shareable recognition stories power your employer brand.

We’re currently in a candidate-driven market, with many of us feeling the pressure when it comes to recruiting top performers. 73% of companies are struggling to find relevant candidates, and for the first time on record, the number of job openings has surpassed the number of unemployed workers, meaning it's slim pickings for your hottest open recs.  

How your brand is perceived by candidates is more important than ever. Candidates have an army of tools at their disposal to gain insights into your company and evaluate your culture (like Glassdoor, The Muse). Social media has also become a powerful medium where employees can share their employee experience and feedback (their love for their team, or worst case, their office rants)—meaning your current employees can become authentic brand ambassadors when given the right tools and motivation.

Best practices for building a powerful employer brand.

In this eBook, we'll showcase how shareable recognition programs are a great tool for building employer brand. We'll link the power of experiential rewards to inspiring content that employees can share both internally to build program buzz and awareness, and with their broader network, showing future candidates that your company values and appreciates their people - positioning you as a Best Place to Work. We'll walk through best practices from top Blueboard customers celebrating recognition stories, and will guide you through recommended program use cases for building employee advocacy.

Download the Employer Brand Strategy eBook.

You'll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of why building a more positive employer brand is a critical part of your recruiting strategy, and the steps to make recognition one of your core initiatives for driving positive change.

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