Know Your Recognition ROI

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Get your guide

How meaningful employee recognition and rewards can drive your business.

In today's HR world, in order to create positive change for your people - it’s important to prove how your initiatives are making an impact, and ultimately delivering a measurable business ROI.

Employee reward and recognition programs can be one of our heftiest budget line items, with a goal of producing lasting employee behavior change. There’s a good deal of helpful data showing the importance of employee engagement, and its connection with the recognition sentiment. But at the end of the day recognition value also needs to show up numerically to ensure continuation of your efforts to drive positive outcomes for your company.

Best practices for getting the ROI of employee recognition.

In this guide, we'll help you better position recognition to show its true value – both qualitatively and quantitatively. Learn how to analyze your ROI of employee recognition and rewards survey data with best practices from Culture Amp, identify the metrics that actually matter, and calculate your effective recognition ROI with a snazzy calculator from 15Five. 

You'll walk away knowing the true value of your employee recognition and rewards efforts, with numbers you can feel confident in and bring straight to the boardroom.

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