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COVID-19 changed everything. You couldn’t send 100 of your best reps to Cabo - we needed an alternative. Blueboard stepped in with a reimagined President’s Club, one that lets top performers customize their own individual bucket list experience to share with loved ones. 

COVID-19 was the catalyst, but let’s be honest - we’ve seen this trend coming for a long time. The President’s Club concept is in need of a serious makeover.

In this eBook, meet Blueboard President's Club. It's a new way to recognize, retain, and motivate your high-performing sales reps. We'll share insights into what your salesforce really craves, how our sales incentive travel program works, and best practices for making your program a success.

Positive responses for the reimagined President’s Club experience.

The results are in, and employees are overwhelmingly voting for freedom of choice. 70% of Blueboard recipients would prefer to do an individual experience vs. going back to a traditional club. Here’s what Blueboard President’s Club recipients are saying about their experience:

  • 4.7/5 rating “How did you enjoy your Blueboard experience?”
  • 70% prefer a Blueboard experience over a group trip with coworkers.
  • 95% rating “Do you feel motivated to perform at the same level or higher?”
  • 97% rating “When you received your reward, did you feel appreciated for a job well done?”

Are you ready to send your top reps #Blueboarding? Connect with our Sales team today by requesting a demo. We can't wait to celebrate your top performers, they've earned it.

“You can’t implement an easier President’s Club rewards platform than Blueboard. They really did the heavy lifting and I can easily keep up with the redemption process in the Admin Tools console.”
Teri Turner
Global Sales Enablement Director
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