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How Total Access Urgent Care drives positive employee behaviors with experiences.

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Employees at Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC) respond to emergencies every day, and a missed shift can lead to potential life-threatening situations. When Jake Dinkel, Director of Development, noticed increases in employee absences and tardies, he knew the company needed to quickly address these undesirable behaviors.  

Initially, Jake used Bonusly to incentivize behavior change through points-based spot rewards. But TAUC employees didn’t seem interested in points and gift cards, and absences and tardies continued to worsen. Jake needed to mix it up and fast. That’s when he discovered experiential rewards from Blueboard.

The results? Major decreases in employee absences and tardies.

To date, TAUC has distributed nearly 2,000 Blueboard rewards. They've seen a 24% average decrease in employee absenteeism and a 63% decrease in tardiness.

Because of the success of the Time and Attendance program, TAUC has expanded its Blueboard partnership to recognize additional high-value behaviors and achievements, including employee referral incentives, Employee of the Month awards, and additional spot recognition programs to celebrate employees for going above and beyond.

“Blueboard is the best option. It's easy to use as an administrator, and fast and friendly when employees are picking an experience. We simply send the reward and Blueboard takes care of everything else."
Jake Dinkel
Director of Development
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