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Save a seat for our upcoming events

From webinars, to workshops and local meet-ups, we'll keep you in the know on all-things employee recognition

Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

How to Deliver Personalized Appreciation at Scale

Join Blueboard and our special guest Dr. Paul White, celebrated psychologist and leadership trainer, for a conversation about how to effectively scale your recognition efforts to align with your employees' individualized languages of appreciation.

Engage Remote Workers

HR Roundtable: How to Engage Your Remote Workforce

One of the biggest challenges with working remotely is finding a sense of belonging and inclusivity while being away from your team. Join Blueboard, 15Five, OwlLabs and Donut as we discuss new ideas for engaging your remote workforce.

Drive Employee Retention in the first 90 days

HR Roundtable: Quick Wins for Driving Retention During the First 90 Days

28% of your new employees will quit within the first 90 days due to a variety of factors. You've worked this hard to bring them onboard and you can't afford to lose them. Join Blueboard and Sapling for an HR Roundtable dedicated on retaining new talent, with a focus on their first 90 days.

Blueboard Webinar Employee Wellbeing

HR Roundtable: Amplify Your Employer Brand

Join Blueboard and Hired for an HR Roundtable dedicated to building a more powerful employer brand. We hosted a panel of HR leaders and branding champions including Colleen Finnegan (Senior Manager, Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing at Instacart).

Blueboard Webinar Employee Wellbeing

HR Roundtable: Investing in Employee Wellbeing

Join Blueboard and Aduro Life for an HR Roundtable dedicated to the benefits of investing in employee wellbeing. We'll be hosting a panel of HR leaders and wellness champions to uncover their wellness program best practices.


HR Roundtable: Cracking the Code

Join Jill Christensen, keynote speaker and employee engagement expert and a roundtable of HR leaders who will discuss four principles for turning your disengaged workforce into a unified, high-performing team.


How Recognition Drives Engagement: Measuring Your Success

To help you prep your 2019 programs for measurement success (or to optimize your efforts already in place), join Blueboard and Culture Amp for a conversation around advanced recognition program measurement.


Resources to support your core workforce challenges

Fresh-off-the-press eBooks that share how meaningful recognition efforts create positive organizational change

Employee Motivation

Inspire Employee Motivation

Motivate your organization towards real business outcomes through personalized recognition efforts

Employer Brand

Build Employer Brand

Build employee advocacy and advance recruiting efforts with exciting, shareable employee rewards

Employee Retention ebook

Improve Employee Retention

Improve employee loyalty and decrease turnover rates through a culture of recognition

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Read some of our favorite Customer Success Stories

Blueboard's experiential employee rewards help companies become a Best Place to Work

Culture of Recognition

Glaukos builds excitement and team bonding through highly shareable employee tenure awards


Employee Referrals

Guidewire gained a +41% increase in their percent of new hires by referral with an exciting contest


Sales Incentives

Chloe + Isabel celebrates remote Merchandisers with sociable and shareable awards


Anniversary Awards

Vungle makes employee anniversaries memorable, and saves +100 hours in admin time


We're here to streamline your recognition planning efforts

Explore tools, calculators and planning guides for setting your recognition program up for success

Employee Recognition Impact

Recognition Impact Analysis Data

Review insights and employee feedback from our 2018 Post-experience Survey data

Employee Recognition ROI

Know Your Recognition ROI

Borrow our calculator and estimate the ROI you'll earn from meaningful employee recognition programs

Employee Recognition Engagement

Blueboard Buyer's Guide

Learn how employee recognition improves engagement, and tips for planning your ideal program

HR Tech Engagement Stack

HR Tech Engagement Stack

Evaluate five innovative technologies disrupting HR that belong in your modernized engagement stack


How companies reward with Blueboard

We'll partner together to plan the recognition use case that best supports your employee engagement needs

Anniversary Awards

Rewarding employee tenure on their anniversary dates, typically beginning at the 1-year mark and growing in reward value as they hit ongoing milestones. Forget the branded watches or golden plaques, experiences are proven to grow employee retention (97% of rewarded employees agree*).

*Source: Blueboard Internal Post-Experience Feedback Surveys, updated June 2016

Sales Contests & SPIFFs

Reward top sales reps or teams who exceed their quota expectations. 92% of employees reported increased motivation to perform after going on their Blueboard experiences, how’s that for keeping your sales team energized?*

*Source: Blueboard Internal Post-Experience Feedback Surveys, Updated June 2016

Spot Bonuses

Reward employees who exceed individual or team goals, KPIs, or other role-related milestone achievements. Blueboard experiences are inherently shareable, building excitement and appreciation as more employees across the company get rewarded.

Peer-Nominated Rewards

Enable peers to recognize each other after watching their colleagues go above and beyond or for demonstrating core company values.  Many Blueboard reward experiences include a +1, providing more opportunities for employees to share the love.

Employee Referral Incentives

Employee referrals make for the best hires, they’re faster, less expensive, and are quicker to ramp up into their roles**. Incentivize your FTEs with meaningful rewards to boost your referral numbers and quality of hires.

**Source:, 2015

Customer Appreciation

Similar to those from your employees, nothing beats a warm customer referral to help you grow your business.  Experiential rewards let you appreciate your trusted customers in a genuine, personalized way.

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