How to move the needle on your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts in 2021.

As an active participant in the human resources, hiring, and recruiting space, you’re no stranger to the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). Shifting factors in the workforce have made DE&I a prominent initiative, including current events, the elevated role of HR as a strategic function, and the increased understanding of the ROI of diversity in the workforce make this topic stand out in the realms of human resources, hiring, recruiting, and beyond.

Fifty percent of talent practitioners say diversity and inclusion will become more of a priority as a result of the pandemic (according to research by our friends at Lever). But do you ever feel like you don’t know what you can actually do to advance the mission of DEI within your organization?

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Practical tips for advancing your DE&I efforts, from HR leaders.

Despite the fact that DE&I as a field has grown extensively in the past decade and earned lots of wins along the way, it’s still very hard to identify actionable, practical ways to move forward with building an environment that more accurately represents and supports all of the ways human beings show up in the workplace.

In this guide, we present five practical moves organizations can take right now to move the needle on these important issues. You'll hear from HR leaders like Jess Kimball, Head of Inclusion, Diversity, and Employee Engagement at Ancestry on the topic of building inclusive cultures that make employees feel welcomed, and Dean Delpeache, Sr. Manager Talent Acquisition and Diversity and Inclusion Strategist at Fiix Software who will cover tips for getting executive leaders on board and bought in.

You'll walk away with a comprehensive plan for assessing your current needs, building a business case, and ideas for how to bring inclusion into your recruiting, hiring and onboarding programs.

We're excited to partner with you to build a stronger culture that encourages employees to bring their own unique passions, personalities and experiences to work. Rewarding employees with their choice of a personalized Blueboard experience is yet another tool to add to your DE&I tool belt. If recognition and rewards are also on your mind, we'd love to point you to our sample experience menu.

"We are trying to break down 400+ years of systems that haven't always catered to including or recognizing or giving the opportunity to underrepresented populations. When it comes to equity, we’re really talking about a changing workplace, performance, and recognition experience for our employees."
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