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Anniversary Planning Guide

Your go-to guide for planning a personalized anniversary program at scale

This is an era of relatively brief employee tenure. Millennial workers currently make up the majority of the workforce and only spend 2.3 years on average with their current employer. Contrast this with the fact that 85% of companies report having a length of service program. That means that most companies are recognizing tenure but it’s not achieving the desired effect of successful employee appreciation and retention. 

At this point, you may be asking yourself: how should I think about anniversary awards as part of my employee recognition strategy, and how can it help reverse those trends in tenure? Also, how can I create a meaningful anniversary awards program that speaks across my diverse culture at scale? Gallup recently found that 65% of people had not received recognition at work in the past year. So where is the disconnect between programs and people? In order for your anniversary program to successfully show employees they are valued and celebrated you need recognition that hits the mark on being intentional, personal and memorable.

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Best practices for building memories that promote happiness

In this guide, we'll provide the recipe for a successful anniversary program and show how authentic recognition can be celebrated from the top down to spur participation across your company. You’ll learn how experiential rewards—whether challenging an employee’s comfort zone or inspiring them to try something new—can scale across your organization to create lasting memories that promote a more positive work culture. We’ll share the best practices from top Blueboard customers who are creatively approaching anniversary award recognition to build excitement in a personal way for each employee.  

You'll walk away with insights on planning your anniversary awards, including a guide that walks you through an employee life-cycle. You’ll also get recommendations so you’re diversifying your award value based on the milestone. We’ll provide the guidance you need to make your anniversary program stand out among your benefit package and reinforce your unique culture of recognition.

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