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Identify your ideal recognition program structure with The Blueboard Method.

Most leaders agree that employee recognition is a good thing. But too many organizations struggle to do employee recognition in a way that actually has an impact on the employee experience and the business bottom line. That’s why we built this workbook—to give you a clear, step-by-step pathway to truly impactful workplace recognition.

Based on our work with hundreds of organizations across industries and our unique experiential approach, this workbook will walk you through key questions and considerations to help you build a sustainable culture of recognition according to The Blueboard Method™. Use this workbook to:

  • Get clear on your measurable, achievable goals for employee recognition,
  • Get steps to build an equitable, “always-on” recognition program that gets results,
  • Learn how to amplify and extend recognition moments with the right kind of reward
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Your secret to better employee recognition.

Combining interactive exercises with critical context and best practices, this workbook is designed to be your ultimate employee recognition guide. From choosing from common recognition goals, to understanding the different tiers of employee recognition (and why each matters), to exploring real-world examples, use this workbook to examine your current recognition efforts and build something even better: An employee recognition program your people—and exec team—will love.

Before Blueboard, employee recognition was more ad hoc, and wasn't consistent across the company. Some managers would send gift cards, give PTO time, or share years-of-service awards, but aside from that, not much was done to appreciate employees. Now, when I onboard a round of new hires, they ask about Blueboard. People on their teams are excited, have already shared the program and said, ‘Wait until you experience Blueboard.'
Alexander M.
Associate Experience and HR Communications
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