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Cell Marque Sales Team Engagement

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How unique sales incentives drive employee performance.

The shifting workforce age demographic has presented a unique challenge to a lot of companies. Their employees are looking to feel personally valued and recognized among their peers, while their current sales incentives programs only offered silent or unimpressive cash rewards.

Partnering with Blueboard, Cell Marque created a sales competition that was able to create buzz within the sales team and expand to cross-functional departments. With the use of Blueboard's sales incentives program, the Cell Marque sales team exceeded expectations compared to the same time period the previous year.

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Best practices for sales incentive competitions.

In this Partner Success Story, learn how Cell Marque created a fun Fantasy football themed contest to rally their team and create healthy competition. By introducing sales recognition and incentives, the sales team exceeded growth expectations, and energized the culture of the  company.

“Our team is really young, but our methods and reward systems were old-fashioned. Doing the same old thing wasn’t going to make an impact.”
Lauren H.
Head of Commercial for the Tissue Diagnostics Franchise
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