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Company Values Awards Planning Guide

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How to celebrate your culture champions through meaningful values awards.

Company Values Awards are a concrete way to bring your organization’s core values to life. By recognizing and rewarding employees whose everyday actions shape your company culture, you keep your values top of mind for your people and you show them that you truly value values-based behaviors.

But! Not all values-based recognition programs are equal. That’s why we’ve built this comprehensive guide to create a values-based recognition program your people will love. A program that will enhance employees’ sense of connection to your values and your company overall.

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Core Values Awards program best practices and examples.

In this guide, you’ll find a step-by-step process based on our work with hundreds of companies to help you build and launch the ideal values awards program for your organization. From defining (or redefining) your company values, to structuring your program’s nomination process, to the types of rewards you decide to use, to measuring your program’s impact—you’ll find strategies, best practices, and program examples to guide you.

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