New research: Employee appreciation linked to higher engagement and job security

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In the middle of economic uncertainty, a continued evolution in how we work, and an increasing disconnect in employee-employer expectations, many organizations are struggling to keep employees engaged and productive.

While some companies are turning to employee surveillance and performance monitoring, these tactics often backfire, stripping employees of their sense of autonomy and creating mistrust. New data from Blueboard and Wakefield Research suggests a much more optimistic strategy: employee appreciation.

Our survey of 400 employed U.S. adults revealed compelling insights about the power of employee appreciation and its impact on employee engagement and employees’ feelings of job security:

  • Employees who feel appreciated are 4x more likely than those who are not often appreciated to say employees at their company are fully engaged.
  • Employees who feel appreciated are 7x more likely than those who are not often appreciated to feel completely secure in their jobs.

Employees who reported their coworkers as less engaged were much more likely to report their company lacks a strong culture of appreciation.

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What does this mean for HR and People leaders?

Now’s the time to double down on employee appreciation. To move from celebrating Employee Appreciation Day to a culture of appreciation. To show your people they’re seen and valued—which, in turn, drives employee engagement and truly impactful productivity.

The good news? You can start small and evolve from there. Building a culture of appreciation at your organization is about consistency more than big, flashy gestures. To achieve “always-on” employee appreciation, consider how you can bake appreciation into your company norms. You might try:

  • Bringing on a peer-to-peer tool that allows employees to send public and private shout-outs
  • Holding space for public shout-outs in your weekly company all-hands meeting
  • Highlighting peer-to-peer shout-outs in your internal department or organizational newsletter

As you weave in appreciation touch points, collect data and anecdotal evidence to show impact on the People metrics your leadership team cares about. This will help you unlock additional resources to prioritize employee appreciation and recognition for even greater impact!

All the other platforms we looked at were outdated and old school - focused on "points" and monetary rewards to cash in for a blender. We wanted the ability to provide our employees with a memorable experience that they'll never forget, and that they get to share with loved ones. Very easy decision, the competition in this space doesn't compare.
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