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Glaukos Culture of Employee Recognition

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How bucket list-worthy anniversary awards build a culture of recognition.

Employee recognition is most successful when it's memorable, personal, shareable, and genuinely comes from the heart. That's why when an IPO was quickly approaching, the Glaukos team turned to Blueboard to help build a culture of recognition fueled by inspiring experiential rewards, as a way to thank their employees for their years of service.

As a result, Glaukos employees are learning new languages, taking family vacations, even getting their pilot's license - the chance to invest in something they wouldn’t normally do if the company hadn’t provided the opportunity.

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Best practices to build a culture of employee recognition.

In this Partner Success Story, learn how Glaukos has aligned their culture around authentic gratitude and employee appreciation, with support from their leadership team. And get inspired for how to increase utilization rates through Glaukos’ @FlatTomsAdventure, a fun and friendly employee advocacy initiative that started on Instagram and now boasts over 600 employee photos and posts.

“I was talking to vendors who had more traditional service award programs; where you get a plaque, a pen or something you would pick from a catalog, but it really didn’t fit our culture. When I think about the benefits packages we can offer, I want to be competitive, but I also want to be uniquely competitive. We’re an innovative company, and everything we do needs to be innovative.”
Michele A.
Vice President, Human Resources
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