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How experiential rewards increase quality employee referrals.

Guidewire, a “Best Place to Work” two years running, was receiving plenty of candidate interest but not enough from quality employee referrals. They also needed to create buzz around their program in a way that was natural and sustained a stronger referral pipeline. In partnership with Blueboard, Guidewire created a noteworthy employee referral program: an exciting five month referral contest that rewarded employees that had the most new referrals with a one-of-a-kind Blueboard experience.

As a result, Guidewire saw a 41% increase in the percentage of hires by referral. By the end of the contest, referrals made up 25% of all hires at Guidewire, a dramatic impact from a little touch of Blueboard.

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Best practices for elevating employee referral volume.

In this Partner Success Story, learn how Guidewire leveraged Blueboard’s employee recognition platform to build excitement on their team and increase their hires by referral by 41%. Candidates that are referred internally get hired faster, cost less to hire, and are happier employees. Together, Guidewire and Blueboard created a program that created a viral buzz within the global company, and resulted in a significant positive impact on employee referrals.

“Having a program that we could reinforce every month really kept the program fresh. One of my team members looked into a meeting room where someone was just playing the video of Juliano skydiving (our first Blueboard recipient), totally unprompted. Everyone was watching and talking about it. It was really cool to see all of the buzz being created.”
Traci M.
Director, Global Strategic Cloud Staffing
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