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How GoPro Celebrates Culture Champions

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Show how employees who demonstrate your company values impact the business. 

When GoPro started researching new recognition options for their employees, they knew exactly what they needed: a recognition partner who also valued the power of shared experiences. 

GoPro found that match and joined forces with our team at Blueboard to create an employee spot recognition program that celebrates employees living their values. Our experiential rewards menu empowers them to live their best lives, unlock new opportunities, and push their limits to experience something new. 

“The Legends Program” is a manager-driven spot recognition program. At their discretion, People Managers can request and send rewards to employees for embodying one of their company values—Obsessively Serve, Stay Agile, Be a Hero, Harness the Power of Wow, and Make Friends.

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A values awards program with legendary results.

GoPro partners with Culture Amp to run bi-annual employee engagement surveys, which provide essential sentiment data around their recognition efforts—like the Legends Program.

In their latest annual survey, GoPro saw significantly higher positive sentiment from employees who’ve gone #Blueboarding, signaling that the Legends Program is having a positive impact. Feedback scores from Blueboard recipients place GoPro in the 90th percentile for their industry peer group*.

Grab a copy of our client success story to read more about The Legends Program and how we're making recognition moments more meaningful. If you're ready to explore new ways to celebrate culture champions living your values, get in touch with our team by requesting a demo.

*GoPro internal employee engagement data via Culture Amp, updated October 2020. GoPro’s data set was compared to Culture Amp’s “New Tech (500-1000)” industry peer benchmark (90th percentile = 80%).

“We are committed to meeting employees where they are. Blueboard has empowered us to help our employees feel like they're living their best lives, that they’re valuable members of a high-performance organization, while also getting the opportunities to take a break and enjoy the pleasures that LIFE has to offer.”
Tim Betry
Vice President of People + Places
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