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A few years ago, the People & Culture team at Metagenics was struggling to find the right rewards solution for their needs. They knew they needed a partner that would 1) help make their lives easier, 2) suit their employees’ needs and preferences, and 3) help them accomplish their ultimate employee recognition goal: to make their people feel loved, appreciated, and acknowledged.

After a few starts and stops with other vendors, they decided to bring on Blueboard. And they haven’t looked back since.

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From the very first pilot program, employees responded to the dedicated Concierge service and customization possibilities that came with their Blueboard experiences. The anecdotes being shared across the organization generated a palpable buzz. Stories of new and exciting experiences employees were enjoying brought energy into a workforce working through the heaviness of a global pandemic.

“What really got us fully [bought in] to Blueboard was the feedback we got from people about the customer service. The feedback has been phenomenal. People feel taken care of, the Concierge service, the personalization— it’s been great.”
Ana Niumata
Internal Communications Manager
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As of March 12, 2024, Blueboard has ceased its operations. To everyone that supported us over the years, thank you. 🙏