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Rewards that support employee wellbeing outside of the office.

Before the pandemic, ImmunoGen thrived on in-person engagement events like All Company meetings, family-style lunches, seasonal events and service days. Going fully remote was a considerable change for them, and not every engagement opportunity adapted well to the virtual world.

Courtney O’Konek, Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, needed a fresh and easy-to-administer engagement program designed specifically for remote teams. ImmunoGen already partnered with Blueboard to celebrate employee anniversary milestones, and Courtney was excited that our all-new line of In-home experiences could help increase employee wellbeing while remote.

Enter the Energy Renewal by Blueboard program, an opportunity to provide experiential rewards for employees across the company with experiences that helped them to create connection while working apart (to themselves, their loved ones, and with each other). Grab a copy of our case study to learn about the program mechanics, and its early impact.

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Best practices for building a recognition program that supports employees' whole selves.

In this case study, you'll learn how Courtney worked with our team to infuse their Blueboard program with concepts from The Energy Project, a training company that helps people manage their energy across four distinct quadrants: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The end result of this collaboration was an employee wellbeing program called Energy Renewal by Blueboard.

Each quarter, ImmunoGen sends every employee an Energy Renewal opportunity (a Blueboard Ivory reward) and encourages them to choose a Blueboard experience that helps them invest in that quarter’s featured energy quadrant (for example, Q1 2021 was dedicated to mental energy).

Since launching in March 2021, the program has become a major driver of engagement across ImmunoGen’s remote world. Employees can't wait to redeem their Blueboard rewards, as measured by a best-in-class, 96% reward activation rate within the first 30 days of launch.

Interested to partner with Blueboard to inject your recognition efforts with rewards that support wellbeing and the whole self? Start browsing our Experience Menu, or request a demo to connect 1:1 with our team.

"The Energy Renewal by Blueboard program is a hit. It inherently leans into work-life balance and has the added bonus of connecting employees through shared experiences. Our folks are already talking about it among themselves, and, as they complete their energy renewals, I’m excited to see the feedback and photos they post about Blueboard’s experiential rewards."
Courtney O’Konek
Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
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