How different types of employee rewards impact the employee experience.

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Key finding: Employee Experience Leaders invest more heavily in rewards and recognition.

Companies that invest in employee experience are proven to have higher employee productivity, greater innovation, and stronger organizational performance. But a great employee experience—one that separates top-performing companies from the rest—goes beyond competitive pay and benefits. 

It’s about nailing the moments that matter throughout the employee journey: promotions, milestones, and other professional breakthroughs and triumphs. How? New research from The Starr Conspiracy and Blueboard reveals that EX Leaders are focused on strategic employee recognition and rewards—and they’re seeing compound returns on their investment.

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  • Which types of employee rewards have the most impact on the employee experience
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Key finding: Experiential rewards have 3.8x more impact on employee experience.

When it comes to what employees say they want, cash rewards and gift cards top the list. It makes sense—these rewards are flexible, fungible, and deliver immediate gratification. But here’s the wild thing: Our research shows that experiential rewards have nearly 4x more impact on the employee experience than any other type of reward, including cash and gift cards.

Why? Get the complete report to discover why employer-sponsored quality time outside of work has such a big impact on employees.

The goal of a leader goes beyond engaging employees. The true objective is to inspire discretionary effort on the part of your team members. Only emotion can fuel that kind of energy and commitment to a company and experiential rewards are proven to create a level of emotional capital that cash rewards just can't generate.
Megan Barbier
Chief Human Resources Officer
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