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Curious about how Blueboard can help you meet your long-term employee retention and performance goals?

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How meaningful rewards and recognition drive your business.

As an HR and people leader, you’re laser-focused on cultivating a workplace culture that supports employee well-being, fosters connection to meaningful work, and contributes to the business bottom line. This all helps you attract and retain great people. 

But we also know you’re facing multiple challenges today when it comes to retention, morale, and employee engagement navigating post-pandemic upheaval and economic uncertainty.

Employee reward and recognition programs can be one of your heftiest budget line items. This guide is for HR leaders and professionals looking to learn the art of presenting a company’s total rewards and recognition strategy and investment to get buy-in from key decision makers like the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 

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Best practices for calculating and communicating the ROI of employee recognition to get executive buy-in.

To prove how your recognition initiatives make an impact, and deliver a measurable business return on investment (ROI), this guide will equip you to better position and show the true qualitative (observational) and quantitative (numbers-based) ROI of recognition.

You’ll learn more about:

  • How to measure and benchmark your current performance against key People metrics with best practices from Culture Amp
  • How to identify the employee recognition measurements that actually matter
  • How to estimate your recognition ROI to unlock CFO buy-in
  • Real-world examples of how companies improve retention, engagement, and culture with intentional recognition and rewards

Knowing the true value of your employee recognition and rewards efforts, you can feel confident in bringing dollars and cents data and the anecdotal evidence that captures the “why” behind the importance of recognizing employees to make the business case for recognition to your leadership team.

When I'm going to my finance person to talk about ROI, I'm not only going to talk in terms of money. I'm going to talk about how a director is so amped that he and his spouse got to book a staycation with a Blueboard reward that he talked to me about it for two months before he even booked it. Beyond the cost of negative retention and Gallup research, you know what's going to close it for me? This employee’s story, and excitement before and long after the experience, being amped about the spa day he got to share with loved ones through Blueboard.
Megan Barbier
Chief Human Resources Officer
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