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When MANSCAPED® started out, the company enjoyed rapid growth—and a culture built off of the chemistry of in-person connection. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the MANSCAPED® leadership team faced new challenges to connect employees in a tangible, meaningful way. 

In response, and based on employee survey feedback, The MANSCAPED® HR and leadership teams developed internal and leadership core values. They saw an opportunity to celebrate how employees and leaders demonstrate their company values (and recognize their hard work!). 

The result? An employee-nominated, equitable spot recognition program employees love powered by Blueboard experiential rewards.

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The MANSCAPED® HR team worked with the Blueboard Implementation team to develop a rollout plan for this values-driven spot program. Nominees for employee and leadership awards are collected through a bimonthly automated survey via their HRIS. Winners are announced in a dedicated awards ceremony. To maximize the impact of the award, MANSCAPED® encourages winners to take a day off to enjoy their Blueboard experience reward.

“Blueboard has been an incredible vendor to partner with, every step of the way—such a pleasure to work with the team! I know that our winners are taken care of by Blueboard.”
Sam Sperlich
Senior Human Resources Coordinator
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