New report: Global events and employee mental health

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HR leaders and People managers often see the impact external stressors have on employees’ mental health. Even so, it can be difficult to prioritize mental health support at work. But if there was ever a time to invest in employee wellbeing and mental health, it’s now.

A new survey of over 950 employed U.S. adults shows a gap between the levels of stress that employees are feeling and the mental health support companies are offering in light of global crises such as COVID-19, the invasion in Ukraine, and climate change (to name a few). 

The study shows that 68% of employed Americans say thinking about current global events has a negative impact on their mental health. And half of employed Americans (50%) say thinking about current global events has a negative impact on their work performance.

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So, what should employers do?

Now’s the time to show up for your people in a real way. Investigate your mental health benefits and supports and ask: Is this the best we can do for our people? What might it look like to do more? 

At Blueboard, for example, we’ve given all employees a mental health day this Mental Health Awareness month. It’s a small gesture on top of the mental health benefits, unlimited paid time off, and meaningful, experiential recognition we already provide employees—but small acknowledgements can have big impact in times of high stress.

Talk to your people and be ready to respond to feedback. If you’re a leader, consider sharing your own vulnerabilities and setting your own boundaries to model by example. Make space for mental health.

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