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If you don't take care of your people, your competition will.

A significant portion of the workforce no longer feels like they're getting what they need from their current employers. This has ushered in what’s called “The Great Resignation,” where 41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer in 2021—and 46% of workers are planning to make a major pivot or career transition. This opportunistic attitude is only fueled by the uptick in remote and hybrid roles that have opened up new doors for employees who didn’t previously have these options.

Companies now recognize the importance of retaining their best talent by addressing their personal and professional needs, prioritizing their wellbeing, and providing them with flexible benefit options. Employers who fail to do so in a post-pandemic world will risk losing their top-performing employees to competitors.

In this eBook, we'll get the facts straight around employee turnover trends and show why employee recognition is a critical tool for retaining top talent.

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Meaningful and effective recognition is the answer.

69% of employees would be more likely to stay at a company if they received more recognition. This is great news for employers because recognition is low-hanging fruit.

But how do you create an employee recognition program that can be successful in our new world of remote and hybrid work? In this eBook, we'll speak to best practices for building program socialization and buzz, as well as programs types that specifically inspire employees to stay—memorable anniversary award programs, company-wide spot recognition, and company value awards.

Grab a copy of our eBook to learn how recognition can help you win in the war on talent as we transition to a new world of hybrid work. And if you're ready to explore employee recognition programs that encourage connection and increased employee morale, get in touch with our team by requesting a demo.

“Blueboard has empowered us to help our employees feel like they're living their best lives, that they’re valuable members of a high-performance organization, while also getting the opportunities to take a break and enjoy the pleasures that LIFE has to offer.”
Tim Betry
Vice President of People & Places
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