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How to achieve thoughtful anniversary recognition at scale.

As Vungle scaled, they faced a common challenge that quickly growing companies face. How do you maintain culture and thoughtful tenure recognition while growing at a rate of 5X your current number? To create an exciting memorable experience for each and every employee, Vungle sought out a unique employee recognition platform.

By partnering with Blueboard to create personalized experiential rewards for each of their employees, Vungle not only created a culture of happiness and sharing among their employee base, they also save over 100 hours annually in administrative time.

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Best practices for thoughtful recognition at scale.

In this Partner Success Story, see how Vungle added excitement and evolved their employee anniversary recognition to scale with their growing workforce. Learn how Vungle was able to save over 100 hours annually in administrative time partnering with Blueboard as their recognition awards provider.

“Blueboard has made our anniversary program amazingly easy, but also really exciting. Employees get so excited, they do research and talk to other employees, talk to me, to see what they should choose. In the tech industry employee retention is really important to us, it’s a competitive industry. We want to do everything we can to make our employees happy, and Blueboard is a big part of that.”
Jill C.
Former Office Manager
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