offer a unique sales incentive getaway for your employees Offer a trip to Iceland as an experiential sales incentive
Let your employee fly a plane as part of your sales incentive program offering
let your employees go fishing as a sales incentiveoffer a day of exploring on an island as a unique sales incentive

reward TAX implications

Are there tax implications with Blueboard experiential rewards?

Employee reward taxation depends on the type and value of the employee reward that is granted. Rewards that benefit the employee directly such as cash, merchandise, gift cards, or trips, etc., are usually taxable. An example of this is a performance-related award, such as a bonus.

Grab this PDF for general guidelines that you can apply to your Blueboard rewards tax and accounting processes.

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Neither Blueboard nor its people are tax experts. We do not provide tax advice. All tax related matters are the responsibility of the customer and customers should seek their own tax experts for all tax advice. Employee experience rewards have an inherent cash value which the IRS can consider as compensation, making them generally taxable. However, there are some exemptions, which we’ll explore at a high-level below.

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