Blueboard experiential reward FAQs

What is Blueboard?

Blueboard is an employee recognition, rewards and incentives platform that allows companies to reward their employees with memorable and personalized experiences, in lieu of traditional offerings like cash, gift cards or company swag.

We've curated a wide catalog of exciting and unique experiences, including local experiences like learning the art of glassblowing, to bucket list-worthy adventures like chasing the Northern Lights.

How can I contact you with questions about my reward?

We're happy to offer an on-demand Live Chat service to accommodate questions about active rewards, or ones you're still thinking about redeeming from your rewards catalog. Our Live Chat service is accessible within the Blueboard Platform. From within our platform or on our login page simply click the blue chat icon at the bottom-right to activate our Live Chat feature and begin speaking 1:1 with our Concierge team. We offer Support via Live Chat 24/7.

If we're unavailable, you will be prompted to leave your email address and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens once I redeem my Blueboard reward?

Once you redeem your reward, our celebrated Blueboard Concierge team is notified and will personally reach out to you within 24 hours to begin scheduling your reward experience (during U.S. business hours, Monday-Friday).

We'll ask you a few questions to clarify your schedule and availability, and to better understand your preferences specific to your reward experience (i.e. your favorite cuisine for Cook Like a Chef, your massage style or preferred treatments for Serene Spa Day).

Once we hear back from you, we'll recommend 1-3 choices for the experience provider or destination in your area that are either already in our curated provider network or who come highly recommended and rated. You'll get to pick your favorite and from there, we'll handle all of your final booking logistics and complete all payments on your behalf.

All you have to do is show up and have a great time!

What's the value of my Blueboard reward?

When choosing Blueboard experiences, please note that they do not have a set retail value. Instead, we focus on creating an exceptional experience for every rewarded employee - and unfortunately, it's against our internal policies to reveal the retail value associated with the rewards.

Blueboard is a secondary fulfillment provider to your rewards platform and as a result aren’t able to consult on the point ratios set between your company and the primary rewards provider. We encourage you to raise any questions regarding your point values or associated retail costs with the primary rewards provider via their dedicated customer support channel.

Similarly, Blueboard is unauthorized to consult on any tax-related questions associated with your reward. For questions or concerns around tax implications, please connect with your internal program manager or internal payroll specialist.

Any additional questions feel free to contact us via Live Chat - we look forward to recognizing you!