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Simppler makes employee referrals beautiful and engaging

Simppler is a referral platform that connects your employees with recruiters to hire the best talent your people already know

Simppler’s sophisticated machine learning engine finds qualified job candidates through your company’s existing employee network and allows employees to refer people in their social, professional, and academic networks.

Simppler’s “Campaigns” feature helps recruiting teams place additional bonus incentives on high priority positions, encouraging employees to help them make key hires faster.

Blueboard and Simppler have teamed up so that you can now use Blueboard’s experiential rewards like kayaking trips, guitar lessons, family vacations and more, within Simppler’s “Campaigns” function to create even more excitement around key open roles.

Blueboard makes referral incentives incredibly exciting

Unlike cash and gift card incentives, experiences offer benefits that impact your long-term engagement and hiring goals.
Here's what makes experiences great:


Employees associate fond memories of their Blueboard experience directly with their employee referral achievement at your company.


With over 400 experiences in our curated catalog for employees to choose from, your referral incentives become both genuine and relevant.


As employees share memories of their experience they build positive buzz around your referral program, improving morale and employer branding.

Simppler and Blueboard, an amazing referral experience

Launch Blueboard Incentives within Simppler Campaigns in 3 easy steps:

Simppler Campaigns 1

Create a new Simppler Campaign

Under the “Jobs” section, click “Campaigns” and then “Create campaign” to create your own Blueboard rewards campaign.

Simppler Campaigns 1

Write-in your Blueboard Incentive

Pick from 8 incentive budget levels ranging from $150 to $25,000. Leverage copy from Blueboard to describe the reward, highlighting the experiences that will build up the most excitement!

Simppler Campaigns 1

Launch your Campaign!

Once you've listed your Blueboard incentive, save your campaign and associate it with your open roles. Once published, these roles will feature the Blueboard incentive in the employee's dashboard and in their weekly Simppler alerts.


Learn to Race the
Audi R8

Play with Glass and Fire

Learn to Salsa

Take a Foodie Tour

The James Bond Experience

Chase the Northern Lights

Volunteer with Friends

The Ferris Bueller Experience

The Festival Experience

Get Fit

Feed sharks at
the aquarium

Find your voice
singing lessons

Find your wood thumb

Learn to play an instrument

The art of photography

Play with fire
glassblowing lesson

Private martial arts training

Make your own jam

Learn to salsa

Enjoy a day of glassblowing

Enjoy a day of glassblowing

Enjoy a day of glassblowing

Romantic sunset
wine cruise

Couples massage class

Zero gravity float therapy

Travel concierge services

Personal stylist and shopping spree

Five-star spa package

Tatcha Kiyome facial

Wine tasting

Take a spin at pottery

Michelin star dining

cooking class

Explore craft beer country

Pastry and baking arts

Intro to mixology

Private pickling class

Family pizza party

Wine and cheese tasting 101

Local foodie tours

I know the DJ

The Ferris Bueller Experience

Make a cover of your favorite song

Glass, wine, and bocce

Karaoke night out

Club seats to the
big game

The art of stand up comedy

The Rock Band Experience

VIP bottle service

Tour the Cayman Islands

Weekend escape
to Portland

Chill out in Aspen

Wine weekend in Yountville

Sky tour at sunset

Chase the
Northern Lights

Golfer's getaway

'Tis the season to shred

The Festival Experience

Kayaking daytrip

Intro to flying trapeze

Horseback riding
and picnic

Born to run
marathon training

Stand up
paddle boarding

Upgrade your body
with a personal trainer

Intro to kitesurfing

Rooftop yoga sessions

Bike with Blueboard


Get down at an elderly home

Volunteer with friends

Scoop with love

Host an elegant gala

Bond at a local hospital

Teach kindergarden

Run for a good cause

Donate to charity

The 13,000 ft. jump

The Bucket List Experience

The James Bond Experience

Tour your city from
new heights

Private ninja parkour lessons

Learn to race the
Audi R8

Hit the go-kart track

Learn to surf

Aerobatic flight

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“My Blueboard experience (aerobatic flight lesson) was really cool, I think the single best thing I’ve ever done.”

Michael, Toptal

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