Our 2019 annual survey shows that we provide the highest level of service.*

How would you rate the timeliness of your Concierge’s response?

We’re working hard to swiftly serve your rewarded employees and can’t wait for them to go #Blueboarding. Bonus: closely connecting employee rewards with real-time achievements will motivate your employees to repeat their reward-worthy behaviors.

How did you enjoy the service your concierge provided?

Our Concierge team is a group of caring and adventurous full-time Blueboarders who live to cross things off your team’s bucket list. They’re here to handle every reservation, payment and special request, and to treat rewarded employees with the white glove service they deserve.

How did you enjoy your Blueboard experience?

Blueboard experiences are hand-curated for your employees to challenge their comfort zones, indulge their passions, or to try something new. After every Blueboard experience we capture your team’s candid feedback through our Post-experience Survey, arming you with the real-time data you need in-platform to showcase your recognition program’s success.

*2019 Blueboard Post-experience Engagement Survey Data