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Value Postcards

Is someone at work going above and beyond lately? Celebrate the impact they're making by letting them know how they're living TTD's values.
Bonus: They'll be entered into a monthly raffle for a Blueboard reward.

SEND A digital values postcard

Pick a digital value card and send it to your most deserving colleague—or two…hundred!

At The Trade Desk, our values define who we are and who we aspire to be. When we rolled out our values in 2019, we commissioned artists from around the world (where our offices are located) to create beautiful illustrations for each of six of our core values. Now, you can share these as digital cards in an instant to anyone in the world when you see them bring a value to life.

Also, did you know that when someone is recognized it releases an important chemical in their brain called dopamine that creates positive emotions and enjoyment? Those feelings help create a sense of belonging and can help inspire more great work. How awesome!  So feel free to be generous with these.

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Here's what your message will look like.

Visual of an email where someone was sent a card with a colorful design that reads "Openness"

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