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sales incentives

Run sales
contests that give your team an unfair advantage.

Are your current sales incentives not working? Motivate your team with experiential incentives that always feel fresh and have real value for your reps.

Trusted by top performing sales teams around the world.

Empower your whole team to play bigger with Blueboard.

Blueboard makes it easy to incentivize and reward your sales reps with their choice of personalized experiences. Save time and give sellers more of what they want: flexibility, choice, and time back.

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Easily motivate meaningful results with your sales reps around the world.


Build anticipation.

Reps choose a bucket-list experience to work towards at the start of your program. The anticipation starts building here.


Easily send.

Activate and reward your rockstar program winners’ with the experiences of their choice with the click of a button.


Experience benefits.

Dedicated Concierge handles all the logistics and planning so your reps can enjoy their ideal experience with ease.


Cash isn’t actually king—it’s time for a new kind of incentive.

At the end of the day, your incentives need to motivate your people. Experiential rewards drive performance. They’re custom, they’re exciting, they’re limitless. They give sellers something bucket-list level to strive toward. And they show your reps that you value them as individuals.

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"Before Blueboard, we ran SPIFFS every quarter for our sales team. Like most companies, winners got cash rewards, but no one talked about it after the fact. Our CRO is big on recognition, and wanted a sales incentives program that was more notable, memorable, and reflected our company culture. Now, we share pipeline generation and new logo wins from our Blueboard experiential rewards contests in our board deck.”
Adam E.
Former Director, GTM Planning
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Looking for the best way to reward, recognize and incentivize your top people?

Connect with our team for a personalized demo of our recognition and rewards platform and see our hand-curated experience menus.

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