Tues. Oct 19th at 10:00a PST / 1:00p EST

How GoPro Crafts a Meaningful Employee Experience with Company Values Awards

Your company's purpose and values are critical building blocks for an ideal employee experience. Why? Because employees who feel a sense of purpose in their work are typically happier, healthier, and more productive. 

A strong culture of recognition is another key component of the employee experience and — done well — should reinforce your purpose and values, connecting employees to your company and each other. But here's the big question — while we're working in remote and hybrid environments, how can we keep our values top of mind? And how can my recognition strategies play a role?

Here's what we'll cover.

Join Blueboard, Tim Betry (VP of People + Places at GoPro), and Kelsey Preston (Manager, Customer Success at Culture Amp) for a conversation around how to build a company values spot recognition program. Hear first hand as Tim breaks down his program mechanics, covering these key learning objectives:

  • Why purpose and values are even more important today as employers and workers try to navigate a new normal of hybrid work.
  • What are company values awards, and how do they foster a more meaningful employee experience?
  • How Tim imagined and developed his spot recognition program (how it works).
  • How Tim leverages engagement sentiment from Culture Amp and other surveys to measure his program's impact.

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Meet our speakers.

We're excited to host an exciting, interactive discussion with these thought leaders:

Kelsey Preston, Manager, Customer Success at Culture Amp

Tim Betry, Vice President of People + Places at GoPro

Morgan Chaney, Sr. Director of Marketing at Blueboard

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