Straight to the source: High performers weigh in on the secret of an impactful recognition program.

Tuesday, November 28, 10:00am PST

Straight to the source: High performers weigh in on the secret of an impactful recognition program.

This past year, we’ve heard a lot about the “employer-employee disconnect”. Company leaders are working to understand shifting employee expectations and support their people in ways that drive both performance and retention—but it can be tough to zero in on the most impactful actions for the most people.

The good news? Employee rewards and recognition offer a shortcut to boost employee loyalty, morale, and connection to your organization. The problem is most organizations are getting recognition wrong.

In an upcoming roundtable, we go straight to the source—high performing employees—to get their perspectives on why meaningful recognition matters and what it looks like.

Here’s what you’ll learn.

  • What impactful recognition looks like from the employee perspective
  • How to elevate key employee milestones and build your employer brand
  • Recognition watchouts to avoid and opportunities you can take to your organization today

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Meet our speakers.

We’re excited to host an exciting, interactive discussion with these thought leaders:

Debbie Duma, Senior Program Manager at Blueboard

Debbie Duma currently serves as Senior Program Manager at Blueboard, where she leverages a multifaceted background in supply chain and logistics, early childhood education, and curriculum design. With a foundation in psychology, she offers a distinctive viewpoint that enriches her approach to problem-solving and strategic management. Her dynamic career journey has equipped her with the ability to navigate diverse industries, making her a versatile leader adept at sharing insights and uplifting and empowering others with her experience and perspective.

Coni Warren, KinderCare Learning Companies

Coni is an Email Marketing Manager at KinderCare Learning Companies and was awarded a Blueboard reward from Fastly. She is a Portland, Oregon-based indie music and movie lover.

Gino Fortunato, Senior Solution Consultant at Reltio

Gino was born in Philadelphia and lived there and New York City for his early professional life, working in financial and operations roles. He went west in 1999 and joined Siebel Systems, later acquired by Oracle. Seven years ago, Gino joined Reltio, an innovative startup in the data management space, and has had a number of successful years as a sales engineer. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycles, going to concerts, and learning Italian.

Robin Wark, Marketing Coordinator at Unit4

Robin Wark works in marketing automation for Unit4. The Canadian enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and listening to music.

Monique Gregory, Territory Sales Manager at Metagenics

Monique has been a Sales Leader for over 30 years. She won a Blueboard Experience for "Team Player Allstar Company Achievement". She loves living life and traveling.

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