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How to get your revenue team to stretch in lean times: Two seasoned revenue leaders dig in.

Thursday, October 19, 11:00am PST

How to get your revenue team to stretch in lean times: Two seasoned revenue leaders dig in.

Sales has always been high pressure. But right now, it’s particularly brutal. Teams are navigating constant change, from economic headwinds and turnover, to new tools, products and motions—and 69% of reps agree their jobs are harder now than ever before.

This leaves revenue leaders scrambling to figure out how to drive consistent high performance in a time of “do more with less”. The question of the day: how?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Top-of-mind trends and challenges for revenue leaders right now—and tips for navigating them
  • How to build a sales team culture that attracts and retains top reps 
  • How to introduce fresh incentives that get more of your team to stretch in tough times

Meet our speakers

We’re excited to host an exciting, interactive discussion with these thought leaders:

Tim Mann, VP of Sales

Tim Mann is the VP of Sales at Blueboard, leading the Sales and Sales Development teams, focused on driving new business and revenue growth. As a prior service Marine and with a background in sport and performance psychology, Tim matches years of sales and sales leadership experience with a unique perspective on how to build team culture, set sellers up for success, and inspire high performance.

Steve De Marco, Chief Revenue Officer at LeanData

Steve De Marco is the Chief Revenue Officer at LeanData, where he leads the company’s global revenue organization including Sales, Partners, Account Management (renewals + upsells), Sales Development and Solutions Consulting and is focused on driving revenue growth across all segments (SMB, Mid Market and Enterprise), achieving quarterly and yearly revenue goals while running a cost efficient organization. Steve’s previous experience includes CRO at Conga, SVP of Global Sales at Malwarebytes and 12 years leading sales at Xactly.

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