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Shannon Ferguson, Head of People at Blueboard

As the Head of People at Blueboard, Shannon Ferguson delights in ensuring the Blueboard employee experience is outstanding. She is passionate about cultivating healthy, thriving cultures and believes in creating opportunities for development across the organization. Prior to Blueboard, Shannon spent several years in startups like Kickstarter establishing HR practices, growing incredible teams, and coaching leaders. Bringing her training in both social work and engineering to her role, Shannon loves creative problem-solving and is always looking for ways to help others.

Dan Manian, CEO and Cofounder at Donut

Dan Manian is the Cofounder and CEO at Donut, a Slack bot that helps spread trust and collaboration across organizations by pairing up team members who don't know each other well. Donut is part of the Slack Fund, and counts IBM, Blue Apron, and Managed by Q among its customers. Dan is Adjunct Faculty at the National Science Foundation, and teaches a 2-week course for startup founders at Brown University

Hakemia Jackson, Executive Coach at Bravely

Hakemia Jackson is a globally known cultural strategist, executive coach, and partner with Bravely. She uses her 18 years of corporate experience to aid leaders and organizations in transforming toxic culture into a heathier culture of inclusivity and innovation. Her concentration in cognitive behavioral coaching, creates the foundation to partner with executives and leaders to aid them in overcoming limiting belief systems and counterproductive thinking patterns that impede their ability to take healthy actions, implement new behaviors and maximize their skillset. Hakemia holds an MS in organizational behavior and executive coaching and is also credentialed by the international coaching federation.

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