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Blueboard offers the team a variety of benefits, described below. Eligibility may vary, as some benefits are dependent on full-time employment status and tenure. Employees are encouraged to review their offer letter and/or Summary Plan Description for benefit plans with external eligibility rules, and to consult with HR for any questions or clarifications.

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Hybrid work environment and PTO.

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Hybrid Work Environment

We have recently ushered in a new hybrid work schedule which includes WFH Wednesdays and Fridays as well as remote opportunities.

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Our office is located in San Diego, California. It's a casual, comfortable (and dog friendly) work environment where employees are encouraged to dress however they like.

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Parental Leave

Blueboard encourages new parents to take parental leave after the addition of a child to the family by birth, adoption, or foster care to recover and bond with your new baby.

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Blueboard provides new parents with 8 weeks of paid leave. We will work with employees to design a leave plan depending on individual needs


All full-time employees are encouraged to enjoy our flexible PTO policy to go #blueboarding, spend time with loved ones, rest, and recharge.

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Every member of the full-time team is required to take a minimum of 12 days of vacation each year to be eligible for a workiversary reward, and our company average is around 20 days of PTO per year.

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Paid Holidays

We offer ~12 paid holidays each year. On these dates, we close our offices and encourage Blueboarders to spend time celebrating with friends and family.

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Typical holidays include: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, 1 week during the holiday season, and we offer time off during an Election Day.

Health and wellness programs.

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Mental and Physical Health

We have partnered with United Health Care which includes cost-effective mental health benefits and ClassPass for physical health (3 free classes each month).

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In addition, we offer 1 day off during Mental Health Month, and have wellness initiatives throughout the organization such as massages and in-office/virtual fitness classes.

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Blueboard offers all full-time employees the opportunity to save for retirement through our partnership with Guideline 401k.

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Employees may chooose to put away pre-taxed money to invest in retirement.

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Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

Blueboard provides full-time employees the option to participate in our employer-sponsored health, dental, vision and life insurance plans.

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Our healthcare coverage is through United Health Care, our dental and vision plans are through Guardian. Blueboard covers 90% of the cost for employees and 75% for dependents.

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Learning and Development Stipend

Every employee has an annual budget of $1,000 per year to spend on learning and development activities that help build skills in their role and take steps on their career path.

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Blueboarders who join throughout the year are eligible for a prorated amount based on the month in which they have their first day of work. Blueboarders typically use this budget for attending conferences, engaging in online courses, receiving coaching, purchasing books, and challenging their comfort zones to gain new knowledge.

Company rewards and recognition.

Newboarder Rewards

From day one, we want Newboarders to feel connected, seen, and excited about their future with us. That’s why we offer experiential onboarding rewards to every full-time employee.

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These rewards are a way to say “we’re so glad you’re here,” and to learn more about your passions and interests.

Manager Spot Recognition

Spot recognition allows Blueboard to create a shared standard of excellence and equitable opportunity for employees to earn performance-based rewards across the company.

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Managers are empowered to formally recognize employee contributions that have exceeded expectations for high performance with an unforgettable experiential reward.

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Workiversary Rewards

Anniversaries are special. They give us a chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate. To say ‘thank you’ for all you’ve done and continue to do. Blueboard is proud to offer our full-time employees a unique opportunity to celebrate their tenure with the company annually.

For each year of employment with the Blueboard team, full-time Blueboarders are eligible to enjoy a Blueboard experience, or a Build Your Own Experience (BYOE).

  • 1 year of tenure - Indigo Reward

  • 2 years of tenure - Tiburon Reward

  • 3-4 years of tenure - Emerald Reward

  • 5 years of tenure - Ruby Reward

  • 6-7 years of tenure - Emerald Reward

  • 8-9 years of tenure - Ruby Reward

  • 10 years of tenure - Aviator Reward

Quarterly and Annual Values Rewards

With peer-nominated quarterly and annual Blueboard rewards and public recognition, we reinforce what matters to our culture and take time to cheer for our stars.

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Once nominations are in, our nomination committee will select 4 winners. The rewards are Indigo for quarterly recipients and Emerald for annual recipients. All Quarterly nominations will be considered for the Annual Awards.

Referral Incentives

Know someone who’d be a great addition to our team? For every successful candidate you refer, you’ll earn a Blueboard experiential reward on their 90-day employment mark.

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Rewards are based on the tier of the candidate's role:

  • Tier 1 (Entry Level, IC) - Tiburon Reward

  • Tier 2 (Senior, IC) - Emerald Reward

  • Tier 3 (Mid-level Manager) - Emerard Reward

  • Tier 4 (Director or above) - Ruby Reward

Team events and BMRing.

Events and Celebrations

Monthly Blueboarding activities are offered in-office and virtually where we celebrate holidays, mark company milestones, and enjoy experiences aligned with our mission.

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A past event of note was our Paint N' Sip Party that took place at 2pm PST to accomodate all of our employees across different timezones.

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At the end of each week we come together to share company knowledge, shout out our team, share love letters from clients, and celebrate personal milestones.

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The weekly event is our company all-hands meeting that takes place via Zoom at 10am PST every Friday.


Several times a year individual teams or cross-funtional departments will come together in-person to BMR, plan together, and get energized for the work ahead.

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True to it's name, these events occur offsite of the San Diego office. The location varies, but travel fees are paid for all employees outside of the chosen location.

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Annual Retreats

Each year, we gather for one team-wide retreat, where we spend time together Blueboarding, building meaningful relationships, and setting ourselves up for success.

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The location varies, but we can always ensure it will be fun and memorable! Past locations include Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe.

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