Blu-ray BD-J Application Development using Java ME.
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Blu-ray BD-J Application Development using Java ME


Goal of this site

To serve as an introduction to the development of Java ME (formerly J2ME) applications on Blu-ray systems using the BD-J specification, and to provide up-to-date news and analysis on the technology and its commercial applications. What's New

What is Blu-Ray?

Blu-ray refers to a new storage format for high-definition video,audio and data. Blu-ray discs are meant to replace the DVD disc format in the long run, with storage capacities that are currently as high as 50 GB, but may soon reach 100 GB! The name is a combination of "blue" and "ray". The blue refers to the fact that a blue laser is used in blu-ray systems, instead of the red laser used by DVD players today.

What is BD-J (BDJ)?

BD-J refers to the application programming environment that support Blu-ray systems, and allows Content Providers to deliver highly-interactive, highly-programmable titles to end users. BD-J is based on the Personal Basis Profile (PBP) of the CDC Configuration of Java ME, and earlier on the JavaTV specifications.

What does Java ME have to do with Blu-Ray?

Java will provide the interactive capabilities of Blu-ray and will ship with all Blu-ray devices. This Java will be based on the Personal Basis Profile (PBP) of Java ME (formerly J2ME) and the Java-based MHP/DVB-GEM (Multimedia Home Platform/Globally Executable Multimedia) specifications.

On the basis of the presence of Java, Forrester Research in November 2005 noted that Blu-ray would most probably win the format war with Toshiba. According to Forrester, Blu-ray has several advantages that will help it win the day. Although Blu-ray manufacturing will cost a little more initially, it offers more capacity and employs a proven technology, Java, for interactive features.

Why should you care about Java ME on Blu-ray?

Because just like it did for smart cards, and cellphones, and other mobile devices, Java ME will provide the content and interactivity that will drive the success of this new generation of home entertainment format. Blu-ray doesn't just promise high definition video. Because of the inclusion of Java ME, it also promises much greater and deeper interaction between users and the system.

Possible applications include:

  • Creating vastly more dynamic menu systems;
  • downloading additional content such as subtitles from the internet;
  • serving current movie previews if the viewer requests them from the network;
  • downloading games and other related titles at the request of the viewer.
  • being able to buy new titles (online shopping)

What are the advantages of Blu-Ray systems over DVD?

Blu-ray discs have many advantages over normal DVD.

  1. It can store 5x the amount of information as normal DVD. Up to 25 GB on a single layer and 50 GB on a dual layer.
  2. Has high definition video (9x16) and high quality audio (Dolby 5.1, 7.1, DTS 5.1)
  3. It can record HDTV without any loss of information or resolution.
  4. It can interact much more dynamically with viewers because of Java ME apps running on the system.
  5. It has access to the internet, so it can download updates or additional information when needed.
  6. Viewers can skip to any part of the disc
  7. Viewers can watch the disc while simultaneously recording another program on the same disc.

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