Java Sun SPOT Application Development using Java ME (J2ME)

Java Sun SPOT.
Sun SPOT running a Midlet that checks temperature and light conditions. Click on thumbnail for detailed image.


Goal of this site

To serve as an introduction to the development of Java ME (formerly J2ME) MIDP (CLDC) applications on Sun SPOTs (Small Progammable Object Technology), and to provide up-to-date news and analysis on the technology and its commercial applications.

What are Java Sun SPOTs?

Sun SPOTS are wireless sensor networks that run MIDP-based applications (Midlets) on a "Squawk VM" (a small Java ME virtual machine), which provides the ability to run these wireless transducer applications "on the metal". These Midlets have access to the sensor capabilities of the Sun SPOTS and can migrate (along with state information) from one Sun SPOT to another!

What can you do with it?

The possibilities for these kinds of applications are limited only by your imagination. The Project Sun SPOT website lists several projects, including this innovative use:

Swarm intelligence:
Many companies ship sophisticated, high-value items with multiple parts-and sometimes not all of these expensive parts arrive with the item. In some cases thieves remove portions of the contents while the box is en route. RFID technology doesn't detect this type of activity-it can only provide information such as where the container is at a given moment or whether it arrived at its destination; and GPS technology sometimes doesn't work inside a truck. But by using Sun SPOT sensors in its containers, customers will be able to put a stop to this criminal activity. The Sun SPOTs can actually monitor and compare notes with each other during shipment-like a Neighborhood Watch for boxes--and provide alerts if, for example, one container is being opened while the others are still in transit. They also provide audit information so that the shipper can pin down who had control of the box at any given time.

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